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HP book awards

Winners of the prestigious 2014 High Plains Book Awards, a project of Billings Public Library, were announced Saturday, October 25, 2014 in Billings, Montana at a banquet held at the Yellowstone Art Museum.

Rough Breaks: A Wyoming High Country Memoir by Laurie Wagner Buyer won best non fiction book


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When twenty-eight-year-old Laurie Wagner hired on at the O Bar Y Ranch in western Wyoming, she was a novice to ranching life but no stranger to isolated locations. As revealed in her celebrated memoir When I Came West, Laurie had already spent years living in a rustic cabin in the Montana wilderness with a troubled Vietnam veteran. Rough Breaks recounts the next chapter in her life, beginning with her painful break from Bill Atkinson, and unfolding into a modern-day saga of life on a remote cattle ranch.




Karl Bodmer’s America Revisited: Landscape Views Across Time by W. Raymond Wood and Robert Lindholm won best art and photography book


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Less than thirty years after Lewis and Clark completed their epic journey, Prince Maximilian of Wied—a German naturalist—and his entourage set off on their own daring expedition across North America. Accompanying the prince on this 1832–34 voyage was Swiss artist Karl Bodmer, whose drawings and watercolors—designed to illustrate Maximilian’s journals—now rank among the great treasures of nineteenth-century American art. This lavishly illustrated book juxtaposes Bodmer’s landscape images with modern-day photographs of the same views, allowing readers to see what has changed, and what seems unchanged, since the time Maximilian and Bodmer made their storied trip up the Missouri River.

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C-SPAN Cities Tour – Casper: Candy Moulton “Valentine T. McGillycuddy”

Learn about Army surgeon Valentine T. McGillycuddy from author Candy Moulton. Known as the doctor who treated Crazy Horse, McGillycuddy had a career that spanned more than 60 years that involved more than the infamous Lakota warrior. From being the surveyor of the Black Hills to Indian Agent to South Dakota’s Surgeon General, McGillycuddy was involved in many pivotal events of westward expansion including his tumultuous relationship with Chief Red Cloud. In her book, “Valentine T. McGillycuddy,” Candy Moulton explores the life and career of this little known army surgeon and Indian agent that she believes often gets overlooked.


“The Early Morning of War: Bull Run, 1861″ by Edward G. Longacre is now available!

This crucial campaign receives its most complete and comprehensive treatment in Edward G. Longacre’s The Early Morning of War. A magisterial work by a veteran historian, The Early Morning of War blends narrative and analysis to convey the full scope of the campaign of First Bull Run—its drama and suspense as well as its practical and tactical underpinnings and ramifications.

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Early Morning of War



“Crisis of Governance in Maya Guatemala: Indigenous Responses to a Failing State”, is the winner of the 2014 AEJMC-Knudson Latin America Prize

“Crisis of Governance in Maya Guatemala: Indigenous Responses to a Failing State”, edited by John P. Hawkins, James H. McDonald and Walter Randolph Adams is the winner of the 2014 AEJMC-Knudson Latin America Prize. The award was accepted by Hawkins during AEJMC’s Montreal conference.

The AEJMC-Knudson Latin America Prize is given annually to a book or project concerning Latin America or coverage of issues in Latin America. The work must make an original contribution to improve knowledge about Latin America to U.S. students, journalists or the public. This award was endowed by the late Jerry Knudson, an emeritus professor at Temple University.

Crisis of Governance in Maya Guatemala


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