About the University of Oklahoma Press

During its more than eighty years of continuous operation, the University of Oklahoma Press has gained international recognition as an outstanding publisher of scholarly literature. It was the first university press established in the Southwest, and the fourth in the western half of the country.
The Press began as the idea of William Bennett Bizzell, fifth president of the University of Oklahoma and a wide-ranging humanist and book collector. Over the years, the Press has grown from a staff of one–the first director, Joseph A. Brandt–to an active and capable team of almost fifty members.
Building on the foundation laid by our four previous directors, OU Press continues its dedication to the publication of outstanding scholarly works. Under the guidance of the present director, B. Byron Price, the major goal of the Press is to strengthen its position as a preeminent publisher of books about the American West and American Indians, while expanding its program in other scholarly disciplines, including classical studies, military history, political science, and natural science.

Fast Facts

  • Established in 1928 by William Bennett Bizzell, fifth president of the University of Oklahoma.
  • Joseph A. Brandt – a 1921 graduate of OU, Rhodes Scholar, and Tulsa Tribune city editor – served as the first director.
  • The first publication, a pamphlet by Duane Roller, Sr., titled Terminology of Physical Science, appeared in January 1930.
  • The Press’s oldest active title and all-time bestseller is The Sacred Pipe by Joseph Epes Brown (1953).
  • During its history, the Press’s books have received won hundreds of awards.In 2006 the Arthur H. Clark Company, distinguished publisher of more 650 books on the history of the American West, became an OU Press imprint.
  • The Press has published approximately 3,000 discrete titles, has over 1400 active titles, and maintains an inventory of approximately 750,000 books.
  • Press books generated over $3.3 million in revenues for FY 2011.
  • The Press publishes approximately 80 books per year.
  • We maintain 28 active book series.
  • We process approximately 2,300 orders per month.
  • We have 32 full-time employees, 3 part-time students, and 1 intern.

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